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Why Should I Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Buying Real & Active Instagram Followers and Likes is simply the easiest way to get your social media success off the ground. Because it is always difficult to start from 0 – why should you make it unnecessarily difficult?

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have already bought Instagram followers, likes and interactions. These include all layers from the politician to the small local shop. However, there is hardly one to!

When buying followers and likes, it’s not just about the sheer number of fans or about “buying” a fan base. One should rather pay attention to what happens afterwards. Because if you already have several thousand followers, then this generates a high degree of seriousness and interest in you still foreign users. Thus, the chance for likes and comments from users who do not follow you will increase enormously.

How Does Buying Active Instagram Followers work?

Today it’s easy to buy followers or likes. Firstly, the appropriate provider must be chosen. After this is done, you look for a suitable offer there. The order will then require nothing more than your username or links to your photos. After the payment, the first followers or likes should appear after a few hours (the delivery time of course depends on the provider).

Do My Bought Instagram Followers Stay For Ever?

If they come from a good provider, then most likely yes! One of the biggest fears customers have when it comes to buying followers is the fear of losing them again. That is understandable, because finally one may have paid a lot of money under certain circumstances.

How many followers actually remain depends on the chosen provider. Because a large number of providers has to contend with high daily loss rates. This is mainly because these companies usually provide profiles of very low quality, which are then promptly deleted from Instagram again. This problem can only be avoided by buying exclusively from companies that sell followers of the highest quality with a profile picture, their own followers and their own uploads. Thus, the loss rate remains very low in the long term.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Real Active Instagram Followers

You maybe have already read countless reports and blog posts about whether buying followers or likes makes sense or not. Some people praise this opportunity to give their profile a better start while defending other than unfair methods. Therefore, we have briefly summarized the factual advantages and disadvantages of follower buying here.


  • It’s a simple and fast way to give a new Instagram account a rocket launch. Because instead of starting completely at 0, so some existing followers help you to be better perceived from the beginning
  • Your credibility is increased. The increased number of fans makes you look more interesting and more serious to people who do not know you yet. This helps tremendously to get new subscribers.
  • Your advertising campaigns will become more successful. Because of a large fan base, you automatically seem more serious and trustworthy. In short, whose products would you rather trust? A profile with 3 followers or one with 3000 followers?
  • The prominence of your fanbase on your website will generate tremendous trust. This leads to a higher conversion rate and ultimately to more sales.
  • It will be a lot easier for you to get sponsors. Because these are mainly looking at the number of fans. So you can secure many free offers and huge discounts.
  • You’ll gain more real followers faster, as your profile looks more interesting to new users.


  • Unfortunately, purchased followers are rarely real users. As a rule, they are inactive profiles, but they look real. So, if you’re looking for vendors who promise to deliver real followers while keeping low prices, you should beware!
  • Buyable followers are only a help. Nevertheless, the work of winning new real followers does not go by itself! It also applies here: The one who has the most patience will succeed.
  • Buying Instagram followers can put you in the wrong light as soon as anyone finds out about it. So make sure not to tell anyone about your plan.

What should I look for in a provider?

Pay attention to the quality and durability of the followers. Randomly check whether all delivered followers have profile picture, biography, own followers and posts. Also observe how long the followers stay, because if all disappear after a few days, they will not help you. Finally, you should still pay attention to the guarantees and policies of your provider. For example, a free replenishment guarantee is very positive. All these criteria and many more have been tested in our reports. You just have to take a look at it and find your favorite.

Can my Instagram account be suspended by buying followers or likes?

A clear no! The worst thing that can happen to you is that all your purchased followers are deleted. However, you can easily counteract this problem by relying on high-quality providers – which can be found in our rating. Instagram will never lock your account for it. This is mainly because no more than the username is needed to send followers to someone. If Instagram blocked accounts as a punishment, then it would be so easy to throw a light unpleasant competitor out of the race, in which you simply buy a few followers. We too have many years of experience with Instagram. We have never encountered a case in which an account was therefore blocked. So, no fear!

What sets high and low quality followers apart?

As already indicated several times, high-quality subscribers should have both a profile picture, their own followers and some posts. At best, they even have an English biography. This type of fan is almost indistinguishable from real ones and is the most useful for our purposes. The exact opposite: bad followers. These are usually similar to new accounts or look like bots, as they have almost no info or activities on their profile but thousands of people follow.

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